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An urgent message for Christians at the eve of a new millennium!

Revelation has always been a challenge to man's intellect and the question, How near Armageddon? has been asked through the ages. Men have even tried to predict the time and date of this final battle, but all in vain.

Today people are asking the same question, but with greater urgency. Do we have the answer now?

In How Near Armageddon it becomes clear that it is not far-fetched or conceited to say that we possess the insight that our ancestors lacked, to know that we are living in the end time. The reason for this is that certain special signs Christ foretold could only apply to the twentieth century, for example:

Israel's return to her country after 2,500 years and the contest between the Arabs and the Jews for the city of Jerusalem. According to Revelation Armageddon will be fought in the Middle East and it might well be that the armies are now gathering for the final battle.

Christ declared that the Great Tribulation would involve weapons that would be capable of wiping out all life on the planet. Twentieth century man is the first to possess nuclear arsenals and biological and chemical weapons that will fall in this category.

In his quest for freedom, man has cast aside Christian morality, has ousted the Christian Church from the rule of the world, and has declared all religions equal.

In Revelation 13 it is said that in the end time the beast will control all banking and commerce in the entire world. In the past this was unthinkable, but today we have the technology and equipment for implementing such world-wide control at any time.

In How near Armageddon Revelation's unique measurement of time is revealed, and that leads to a better understanding of the symbolism that has been locked up in Revelation for so long.

By measuring the generations of men from the four cardinal dates in the life of Christ, and by correlating the contents of Revelation to the history of the last two millennia, the author shows that virtually every prophecy in Revelation will have been fulfilled by the end of the second millennium.

How near Armageddon is a fresh, stimulating and - to a certain extent - alarming, but thoroughly biblical interpretation of the prophecies in Revelation. The author challenges readers to evaluate their lives in the light of God's promise, "I will come again."

Ideal for group or individual Bible study with diagrams and charts for better understanding.

This book will change the way you think

and speak

and live!


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